Thursday, January 7, 2021

Napa Receives Top Ranking as Management Services Outsourcing Vendor

An experienced anesthesiologist, David Heimbinder trained at the University of Brussels in Belgium. David Heimbinder has served as an anesthesiologist at North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) since 2018.

Offering healthcare management services, NAPA operates hundreds of medical facilities in the United States and serves close to 3 million patients each year. NAPA celebrated its fourth year as the top management services outsourcing vendor in the Black Book Survey rankings. Upon receiving the award, the CEO of NAPA, John F. Di Capua, MD, highlighted the shared values of its committed team members and its emphasis on promoting a high-quality patient experience.

The 2020 Black Book Survey was orchestrated by Black Book Management Research, LLC. Black Book Management Research utilizes a crowdsourcing technique to collect hundreds of thousands of opinions from U.S. patients, clinicians, and healthcare professionals. To rank the Anesthesia Management Services segment, it utilized data from about 5,000 medical professionals affiliated with over 700 inpatient facilities and hospitals. 

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